review of 2013... GO!

26 jan - 05 feb: banff!
22 march: tango concert. the best one of the year.
26 april: gabe anniv. i miss you.
02 may: third dental graft in two years. grrr. cost: 350. peanuts! yay!
13 may: verdict on citizenship application: wait and reply. yawn.
june-july: el camino. still processing. st. jean to santiago...
01 september: depeche mode show. such energy and brilliance!
05 october: nuit blanche @ canadian music centre. was def a cool gig.
12 october: PO appendictomy. glad he's going to see 2014...!
14 november: phil nimmons 90th bday concert. glad to survive.
25 november: alison balsom masterclass. rockstar class!
06 december: first-hand hearing of north korean refugees' stories...

i had a great year.
i wonder what 2014 will bring.

i can face anything, with my friends and family standing by me, with support, love, feisty opinions and above all, acceptance. thank you and happy new year. let us roll into another fine mess, after all, life is complicated, brilliant and graceful.

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