bank emails. yay.

so following up on the last post, all three parties got back to me through email, conveniently suggesting that i call everyone else.  td wants me to call certapay.  certapay says they dont have access to my banking, so i must call back td. pc bank says they cannot handle this so i have to call them back as well.

so far, i am truly amazed that it is taking this long- the fradulent activity of the third party whose email was hacked was on 19 june 2014.  that is 82 days since the beautiful event took place.  now, after about seven phone calls, adding up to well-over seven hours, and a branch visit which took an hour, including more time on the phone through their internal secured line to the loss-prevention dept of td canadatrust AND a new debit card (teller person was sure this would solve the problem, i wish that was true. alas.)  the amount of variations-on-the-theme, 'no, no one is responsible for you, it's the other guys,' has been truly baffling in their presentations and attitudes.  td supervisor on the phone have told me that they cannot possibly tell me where the block is happening from- that i cannot ever find out whether it's through the bank or through certapay.

well, at l east i was told a different answer today. as they both seem invalid, i may as well walk into the branch. after all, people are still searching for higgs-boson and yes, god as well.

here's the body of the email sent to td  and certapy. i did not have enough gas left to call pc. may be tomorrow.

i wonder how far i must pursue this case.  i hope it wont involve an anniversary celebration.  may be i should write directly to the presidents of td canadatrust and certapay. may be they would know. thoughts? wish me luck tomorrow. sigh.

hello customer service@td,

after receiving mr's reply, i have called the 24hr help line and had another 50 minutes conversation with loss prevention department person on the phone.
he tells me the only option i have is now to walk into the branch and ask the branch manager to contact the loss prevention centre directly, in order to get in touch with certapay to get my 'block' removed.

now, the initial problem happened on 19 june 2014 (please refer to the forwarded content for details of the case).  this is now 08 september 2014. i called in at least seven times, from europe, spending hours on the phone, i walked into the local branch. they even suggest i get a new bank card and see if that fixes the problem.  you, as the bank, should have access to the record that my debit card number has been switched to a new number in late august.

i have also contacted certapay, and from their reply, the only thing i can understand is they would not take further action unless a fraud investigation has taken place. i have no idea whether this has happened, or if so, what the conclusion was.  here's the body of email from certapay:

Dear (monkey),

Thank you for contacting our Support Centre for the INTERAC e-Transfer* service.  We apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing trying to access the service.

Due to privacy reasons, INTERAC does not have access to your personal banking information.

We will escalate your issue to the TD Loss Prevention.  We suggest you call into TD EasyWeb at 1 866 222-3456 and request to be transferred to the TD Loss Prevention team.  Did you report to TD you were a victim of fraud?  When a client reports they are a victim of fraud, an investigation should be completed.  You should confirm with TD whether they investigated your case and what was the outcome of their investigation.

If TD Loss Prevention requires any assistance from INTERAC, they can contact our Fraud team directly.

im getting different answers to same problem over the last three months.  i am a freelancer and i work at rate of (haha, no need for public to know!).  i had to make these phone calls from skype, as i was in europe for the summer (this, you can verify through my visa record, as my transcations should taken place in: united kingdom, spain, south of france, italy and iceland).  i have not had any banking problems prior to this and this particular case started with compromise of third party's account, not even mine.  i have wasted over seven hours of my life so far, chasing variations-on-theme answers, and i do not have any confidence whether tomorrow's visit to the bank will create any practical difference to my problem, i hope the reason would be understandable.

what is your view on this case? what explanation could you send me for this less-than-spectacular communication? how are you going to ever compensate back for my loss of productivity/professional availability as i spent all these hours talking to agents who did not take (well, could not take) any responsibility for the wrong answers that were given to me?

i hope to hear back from you and i really hope tomorrow's visit to the bank branch will somewhat resemble what the specialist recommended over the phone line, as if not, it would be another +1 hr of my life wasted, chasing wrong answers.  please feel free to contact me through email or phone.

sincerely and honestly frustrated, (monkey)

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