no flyers! please! i trust you even less now!

yep thats the sign on my door. been there for two years now...

with local election coming up, there are lots of noise for campaigning and plea for supports. i put on this sign on my door because i rather not receive junk mail regarding political campaign.  of course, you are a great candidate on paper! what i need to know is what you do not say on the page...

anyhow, last night, i come back home and guess what i find- a campaign pamphlet.
so it being a late-start day, i cannot help self but to write back to the candidate.
politicians, and everyone (as we are all political animals to certain degree), do make sure you are fairly represented through you and your team. all it takes is one lazy person to drop the group...
and so i wrote to him. good luck to him and i hope all candidates do pay attention to all the details they present to the public, especially the careless ones...

hello mr ahmed,
(insert the pic above)

i am disappointed to see that your campaign does not respect citizen's wishes; i have an old sign on my door, i live in a high-rise building.what i found is your campaign pamphlet, dropped by my door.

i certainly would not be trusting your words, as your team does not wishes to respect my wishes.

as a politician, you may not be personally responsible for particular events, however, you may need to take responsibility for it, if it is part of your ward community or involves your team members directly.

this may be an insignificant matter; i am not wanting an apology, however i think it is important for you to consider how you may be represented in multiple levels, should you actually become the ward 27 city councillor.

dr (monkey)

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