pc bank provides pro service on phone today


on phone with pc banking:

monkey: i was wondering if you can help with TFSA acct transfers-
man: (cuts in) NO, you cant do that. no e-transfer for that. okay?
monkey: (huh?) but i have done it in branch? as authorized transfer for registered investments?
man: (takes time)... hmmm, yeah, you can do that.

5 min later

monkey: ...but it's been a month since transfer was initiated? branch person said it would be sufficient time?
man: AHAHAHAH. whoa. ha.
monkey: can you explain?
man: that's when things go smooth.
monkey: okay, so what may go wrong?
man: well, it's a wrong estimate. (with sense of condemnation)
monkey: such as?
man: (big sigh)
monkey: (wtf?)

after rolling more eyes

monkey: ... okay, so i should re-check by friday then?
man: yeah. good day. (ready to hang up)
monkey: (baffled) umm, excuse me? (whats this? you working now or what? your break is up?)
man: yes? what?
monkey: nevermind. good day i guess.

sometimes i wonder why people work in customer service when they clearly are not suited for it. as a phone agent, your job is to listen first, decipher the problem, then find appropriate course of action. is this not entertaining enough? im practically begging for you to answer my questions to begin with!

i mean who the hell says 'what?' when working as a phone agent?
complete sentences will carry you a bit further, mr. chris...

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