td, pc bank, certapay: modern day banking woe

i was hoping that may be my first post back from summer would be a nice one, however... sigh.

here's copy of my email to certapay, tdcanadatrust and pc banking. im butting head on the wall. i really hope this can be resolved somehow...  all three are saying the others' responsible. well, it makes no sense to me. may be this is beyond phd level education...
if anyone has any idea of how to tackle this problem, do let me know!

im having a serious problem with access to e-transfer.
i have two email addresses (hotmail, gmail) and two bank accounts (tdcanadtrust and pc banking).

i have been taking e-transfer payment through tdcanadatrust account without problems.

then early june, one of my clients had his bank account hacked, unfortunately; and even more unfortunately, i was the unlucky recipient of the hack (gmail address). i called td and they told me that i should not have any problems.


since then, i cannot receive e-transfer from anyone, and cannot send from my accounts.

one of my other clients (royal bank) sent a payment to my hotmail address and i was able to receive it through pc banking. so i thought that may be the working solution.

today, i was trying to receive another payment (sent to gmail), which was declined through pc banking + tdcanadatrust. so one of my friends sent me 20 dollars transfer through hotmail, just to see, which i cannot receive through pc banking + tdcanadatrust.

so to sum it all, i cannot receive through:
1. hotmail account - tdbank
2. hotmail account - pc bank
3. gmail account - td bank
4. gmail account- pc bank

at this point, the only logical solution i can imagine is to be able to create a false identity (email address), open up third bank account and may be hope for the best.

i called certapay helpline and person said EMT411 is bank-generated error.
i called tdbank and they say i cannot have email transfer service for indefinite period (and that they wont discuss the matter any further and there's no one who will answer any further)
i called pcbank and they say it is not their fault (error code 4411)
my client called their banks and they say it's my banks who is blocking the transfer.

what are my options now?
do i really need to go and create a false identity?
who is issuing the transfer-stop and how can i get this situation rectified?

i am a freelancer and the e-transfer is quickly becoming a very popular method of payment. without e-transfer access, my life will become much more complicated. please, do help and let me know. if you rather, you can send me a number i can call with the case reference, or you can write back and i will send you my personal number to talk further. i will do pretty much anything at this point, as it's complicated, crazy and there seems to be no one who is actually accountable for this problem, which just cannot be true.


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