expanding man and shrinking seat are not ideal


the letter is clearly written by temporarily insane man.  im sure in a different context, he is not such a ranting maniac. though, i do understand what that feels like to slowly suffocate next to what i call the 'expanding person' experience.

they seem normal. they sit down. polite hello and a slight unknown sense of dread.

as soon as the seat belts are down, they start to expand, 3-D.  soon, their knees are touching yours, the arm rests are no longer arm rests, they are holding this expanding appendages that just keeps growing in space, real time.  after couple hours, you wonder HOW did they seem so normal at the beginning of the flight. incredibly, they still look normal, while occupying at least 50% more space. what is going on?

*insert airtravel delilium music.
*pop some pills and just pass out till arrival

the real issue is not about personal respect/disrespect about this particular case, i think. it's about unreasonable public demand for cheapest commodity services/goods, along with inflexibility of the airlines' infrastructure to accommodate/address passenger safety in pursuit of maximum profit (though yes, airlines are for-profit).

it is frustrating for ALL parties, i am sure (as obviously the writer of the letter is experiencing brief case of acute trauma episode of a sort) and even more frustrating for the airline workers (as they probably see this on daily basis). lets not forget the large man whose life may already be difficult.
what may be the solution?

im afraid it may involve:

1. pressuring legislature (for airtravel safety regulations),
2. demanding varied services from the airlines (ex. larger seats),
3. willingness to pay a bit more (air travel is very cheap if we consider the technology, infrastructure and human investment that makes it so easily available),
4. and being generally well-adjusted individuals (cant believe some of the replies, they are so angry themselves! what is really going on there, anonymous commentators?)


*picture credit to: http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/07/travel/feeling-cramped-battle-airline-seat/

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