orange bicycle electric

even the trees are waking up today, i saw it on my orange bike.

with faint salt stain, the road is now clear, safe enough to ride with skinny tires. squeaky bike: winter was long! yawn. stretch.

the sun lasts a bit longer, cold golden and pale blue sunlight gaining that hint of blushing day by day.  it is already near a full moon. night wind no longer brings tears into eyes. 

from hot cup full of cocoa, a stripy lovely straw in my iced coffee. the laughter bursting like little bubbles in the sunlight. people shiver a little less, perhaps hum a little more.

'i will sing the body electric.'

last day of classes today, hard to believe that time passed through, so fast. what was it like, the depth of the winter? already fading in the brilliant sunlight.

even jesus had to die to be reborn.
was it a fault of judas to kiss? without that kiss, there would've been no salvation.

one loses something, only to realize what it could have possibly meant.
one soaks self in the faintly appearing writing on the wall. what does it say? what do i want to see?
one laughs at self, with the drama that unfolds on each thin leaflets of the days, leaflets so thin that it will melt once the spring rain comes.
a changes a coming.

i dared to take a break in the midday.
and the day was full of beauty.
when that bitter sadness melts away on back of my throat, the sweetness ensues. in the pool of mixed things, refracted in the new born sunlight of spring days, prisms of days, people and thoughts, today was beautiful.

i rode on orange bike.
away and away.
coming back in a circle.
faster than i should, 
'i will sing the body electric.'

happy spring! easter's just around corner. sending much love from a little chrysalis being. perhaps it is the only way, to wrap self around and around, with gossamer-thin thoughts, feelings too fragile to speak of. as chrysalis is not dying. its heart beats quietly, not of the lost days, but of the lost days and the days to come.

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