(a creative writing exercise shortie)


it was never of my choice, to be shoved into the cold, frightening world. when the light of the day first hit my eyes, i  screamed, for the burst of air.  separated from all things that were familiar, the fear grappled with my consciousness and only thing i could see was blurry, colourless world full of shadows and foreign touches.

soon, a single familiar voice soothed my ears.  as my blood pumped through my veins, against the gravity, as my lungs filled with this foreign air full of chemical smells, i cried in mix of tears and mucus.  without much fight, i resorted into a tiredness, the kind of tiredness where deep, darkness overtakes your mind. you dont remember anything. you dont want to remember anything.  nothing is certain. how i longed for moment of peace!

next time i gained consciousness, it was another moment in time, impossible to determine to actual speed of the day, i tried to grab onto something, anything... after a sharp cry that shattered the peaceful afternoon, rush of footsteps gathered around me. i was slowly picked up...

ive been subjected to this hostile environment, without any means of clear communication... my world was full of people who completely isolated me, surrounding me with this mystery languages. i sensed their joy and laughter- but it was never inclusive...

i knew when they were ridiculing me as i lay there, defenseless, in pool of tears.

they had great wealth, more food than they could possibly eat, however, i was left at their mercy. only at the peak of my despairing screams, they gave me meager portions, fed in a way that choked me painfully.

i screamed and screamed, i wanted to be heard. but they were deaf to my words. pointing and grinning, they continued into their merry-making. not a care in the world. i was silent. my words had no power. the animal instinct and instant gratification of feeding took my consciousness deep down into the sleep. i lost the course of time one again. only to wake up in a shameful situation, in pool of my own excrement.  shocked to the core of my heart, i could not comprehend the situation.  

the humiliation of being an animal, without means to communicate.

i bowed to self, to never forget this. to pay it all back. i tightened my jaw in anger and incomprehension.  life was brutal. there was no way out.


HAHAHA just a bit of sarcastic creative writing joke for a baby' first day out in the world. many of my friends recently had kids and somewhat uneasy about another friend who tends to unintentionally glorify the past, i thought it would be a funny thing to try. happy long weekend!

oh come on, it's clearly a parody...

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