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as i was running errands in pouring rain, i got stalled by the dyke march 2015 toronto.  waiting for a gap to cross, i thought how nice it is to see a big body of happy people.  lots of noise. lots of cheering. many kids and families, despite of the grey clouds that just opened up today.

then it stuck me hard: all these people, in a different place, could be fined, imprisoned and even sentenced to death, as they are right now, just marching, having a great time, because of their sexual identity.


quickly scanning through the list, there are nations that has death penalty for gays. here's a few i just read:

sudan (3rd offence for man, 4th for woman)
mauritania (last public execution on 1987)
nigeria (death for man, whipping/jail for woman)
qatar (for muslims)
saudi arabia (2nd offence merits execution)
yemen (married man to be stoned)
afganistan (death of long imprisonment)
iran (mature sane man, 4th conviction for woman)
brunei (by stoning)

regardless of whether the execution happens or not, the idea that all those people could been killed legally because of how they love, is quite shocking.

it is a touchy subject to talk about, as they (above nations) will point finger at tradition and religion, which leads to culture and moral as the main reason of the homophobic law; who do i think i am and who gives me the right to say it's wrong?

but i feel that no one should be able to judge another person's capacity or subject of love, as long as the act is consensual and it involves legal adults. of course, there will be grey areas and contestable situations. however, the extremity of the possibility of these joyous people being stoned death, is WRONG.

the u.s. supreme court just passed marriage rights for all 50 states yesterday.  at the gym, i heard some young (and immature in my opinion) boys talking about it briefly, about how silly and crazy these 'groomszillas' are going to be. i remember someone, from another generation, called homosexuality as 'decadence' and 'life preference' that stemmed from rich life we lead in canada.  i may be able to accept their reasons and preferences, as they are not required to agree with my belief and that free speech is important (as these were not hate speeches).  however, if i were to ask them how they would feel IF all these people were shut into prison, waiting for death sentence?

happy pride toronto 2015!

this march, as a friend said proudly, is not only a celebration, but a protest.  we cannot possibly imagine all the tears and blood spilled on this cause, to date.  people would have lost friends. family. love.  life. and even in canada, i dont think anyone is going to dispute that LGTBQs will face some degree of discrimination by the society, as true bigotry is impossible to detect by oneself, even if it is as simple reaction as someone staring at a non-traditional couple and making a fleeting comment. ..

it is us who have the riches and will to make changes that many may not afford yet.  and each step toward equality, how frivolous or 'flowery' it may seem, it is real and one day, i sincerely hope that we can also help others who may not be able to defend themselves or demand legal changes.

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