fiat lux. light fantastic.

the cyclists in yyz have worked very hard to get some bike lanes in town.  and now that we do have some bike lanes installed, a few people who are not true cyclists (yet) ( ! ) has been creating friction with the public in embracing the commute cycling culture by being exclusive- yelling at drivers, pedestrians, break road rules, etc.  this is not a problem caused by cyclists, but caused by people who creates sense of entitlement, people who wants to be exclusive.

recent refugee challenges (yes, this is not a problem for non-refugees, it's a challenge) is also dealt in similar fashion.  here we are sitting in our safe area, discussing and raising fingers about who we would let through and who should be left out.  i understand: a safe community is not a free commodity. it involves everyone's cooperation: taxes, legal honesty, procedures and the respect for the procedures and the willingness to spend the time and energy to make the procedure fair and open as possible.  however, a community is built on the idea of 'common,' and there is no need for it to be exclusive.

pope francis was visiting the philadelphia prison today. aptly named the city of brotherly love, he spoke simply. yes, you may be incarcerated. you may be separated but you are not forgotten. you still belong to us, in the community. within your families, friends, and anyone who believes in making mistakes and fixing those mistakes.  you are not excluded. you are included. you will return home. yes, home, not a house. a home.

most of conflicts tend to faction the involved population.  simplest being us vs. them.  it may be necessary to establish the dual peaks, for the purpose of identification, which hopefully will lead to examination, discussion and a current conclusion (as nothing could be final, YET). but oh it is so easy to forget that establishment of 'we' does not mean the rest of the others are singularly against 'us.' 

cyclists who wants rights of the road must earn respect, like any others, by non-cyclists. the established citizens of the nation, must admit the fact that by the very definition of being 'local' defines them as possible 'non-local' in the future.  if one is a traveler, an explorer, a tourist, we must let others to be a traveler, an explorer, a tourist. and possibly become 'local.'  if we have people who are separated from us for reasons of safety, social penalty and such, we must realize that they, though in physical separation, ex. jail, still do belong with us.

the recent pope visit to the states is bit like a wild fire. it's refreshing to see someone who is capable of evoking questions- genuine and important questions, about belonging to a community. with others. to remind ourselves what it is to live in civilization- and the important pre-requisite: to be civil.  and being civil means to rise (at least) to the minimal requirement, usually set by local laws, and to strive to rise beyond the legality, to be human.

it is a good day to appreciate the world. especially when things seem bleak, the light will remind us what it really is, to be a human. a shadow is an outline created by light. let us not forget darkness exists because of light.  

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