huh? wha?

frustrated entry 1:

'... see, it is important to think about details, johnny.
"let's eat, grandma!" is a bit different than "let's eat grandma!"'

little kid squirms and then blurts,
'... but everyone know what i meant!
and my name is jonathan!'

hmm. squinting and scratching.

'but you know who i meant, jason.'

frustrated entry 2:

'... okay, jonathan, you can have 1,000 for your birthday party with friends.'

kid leaps into air with joy, cant believe his luck.  parent looks through wallet, gives him whack of dollar bills.

'... but dad, it's only 10 dollars, not 1000-'

'oh, well, it's only coupla zeros. they dont mean anything anyway. should be enough?'


and i sighed.

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