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i just had real good laugh reading some of the comments on dear Facebook regarding the idea of genders and bathroom access in high schools.  here are my thoughts in point-forms so that i do not leak sarcasm, as that is never my intention, to make fun of people.

1. transgenders having access to bathrooms does not have direct correlation to sexual offences in bathrooms.  in other words, equating transgender with potential criminal is logically wrong.  and all visiting adults are supposed to register with the school upon entry to school; therefore the actual pool of possible pedophiles would not change because of the access change (though other sex offences are still possible regardless of age).

2. regardless of gender, individuals' privacy is the issue here. the very idea of genital police in bathrooms is more disconcerting than anything else.

3. it is a cost and space issue to build/update bathrooms. but everything costs money anyhow. and this is important. nothing like that feeling of searching for a bathroom when you need one.

4. anyone who brings up one vs. many people's right, well, we have braille on elevators, aural warnings on cross walks, all-access ramps for non-walkers and nursing rooms/stations for lactating mothers. a majority does not have automatic right to dictate the minority. that's tyranny of majority.

5. i rather opt to be separated from crazies and illogicals. those people are the really dangerous ones, regardless of genders, genitals, whatevers.  and yeah let's not forget the ones who spray. i don't even want to know how that's even possible.

6. for people who quote 'reducing anxiety and confusion for our young children,' what do you think would happen once they are out of this current artificial greenhouse of school/home/helicopter parents? if we can't help them practice making choices, when would they actually learn to make decisions?  don't you want the young adults to practice facing differences and the consequent exploration/resolution of conflicts of interests?

this rigid anger against 'change' may be the real issue regarding the bathrooms.  people are uncomfortable to think beyond status quo.  not so long ago, women could not vote.  we had legal slavery (too bad we have black-market soft-slavery today).  we sterilized mentally ill. we continue to execute people.  we ripped babies out of families and sent them to residential 'schools.'  we have jihadists and crazies who say they are christians doing weird non-jesus based things (which is very different than being a christian)(a small example: ku kux klan is a christian brotherhood eh). united states of america holds 25% of the WORLD'S TOTAL PRISONERS.  we have bankers who broke rules and lost other people's money, only to walk around freely with no real penalties.  we have hate crimes.

whenever we want to be exclusive, we must be reminded of inclusiveness.

and after all, bathroom is a bathroom.
leave the politics out of it. let the people go into title-less stalls and do their business, as there's nothing quite like bladder pressure to make people do erratic things, including terribly dangerous driving.

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