opera is not boring... nor old.

in the middle of idealogy-religious war zone in present syria, as westerners just lost the battle to the muslims, the lone woman jihadist, the greatest of them all, sulks in anger, for failing to capture her target boy.

of course, the male leader of the muslim fighters urge the female heroine to choose a man, as she's ripe for time and a woman needs a man.  she says sod it, unless the man-to-be is good enough to bring me my target.

conversation is interrupted by news of the westerners captives being rescued by the target boy. infuriation ensues and the new plan hatches, to lure her target to captivity.

while on scout, the target boy gets lost in the enemy territory, then was distracted by the muslim forces and was put under a heavy drug to render him unconscious. the female jihadist finds her target boy, but instead of killing him off, she decides to bring him back to camp, to keep as 'hostage,' out of personal interest.

falling in love, the female jihadist seeks the deep hatred in her heart, struggling to find the will power to kill him, resulting in self-exocism; in midst of the spiritual high, she makes the decision to let her heart follow love. apparition condemns her to her fate, whatever it may be...

captive boy's homies are on look out for him; dodging many combat obstacles, eventually they find him in captivity; by this time, the westerner has been brainwashed and re-educated, entrenched in love with the jihadist.  luckily, the female jihadist leaves for battle plan consultation and he is faced with his real identity, an anti-jihadist, with help of homies.

as he prepares to leave, female jihadist returns and they argue about what's the right thing to do.  he expresses great regrets, as though her world is no longer his and he must return to fight the jihadists, that he'll remember her, as beautiful she was.

he leaves and she's left in inconsolable turmoil.

this was written in 1686 by an old french male, lully?  yes it was.  we went to see armide by opera atelier today. i was deeply troubled in my mind how little it mustve changed-

how the female heroines are always seen as the weaker beings, with feelings and emotions,

and that a woman, however great she is, that she needs a man to establish her identity, etc etc-

nevermind the present day conflict with western world vs. muslims
and the senseless violence and drug high culture of the battle field (afghanistan poppies came to mind right away)

but hey, the music was great and show was bright and beautiful, what a fantastic way to bring back the old school feminist rage in my little monkey heart, haha!  i am grateful for arts and special thanks to nolan, who brought me with his extra ticket! :)

congrats on great show and best wishes for the upcoming versaille tour, tafelmusik + opera atelier!
two more shows on fri+sat, do go check it out!!

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