free speech, free decisions, whats the problem?


oh dear. as bit of free time returns, i start to poke my nose around the world once again and hey, it's always full of surprises and semi-tragedies.  well, there are real tragedies as well, but those are sincere situations which deserves a bit more respect than what i tend to hand out on my blog posts.

the recent one is about aussie feminist writer and a man who was fired because he called her a slut.

the writer ms. ford wrote about chauvism.  mr. nolan wrote on her facebook, calling her a slut. ms. ford wrote to his employer (a hotel chain). the employer fires mr. nolan.

then the firework ensued.

many people are angry about ms. ford 'ruining' a man's life. im kinda confused.

1. yes, there is the right for free-speech in australia.
2. so a feminist writer can write about chauvinism.
3. a person can protest her point of view in public.
4. and a person may protest about a protesting opinion.
5. hotel chain is not run by the aforementioned feminist writer.
6. hotel chain is free to employ/fire whoever they wish, as long as the reasons stay in legal limits.
7. hotel chain decided to fire male, freely.
8. it is hotel's right, as a private company, to terminate employees that the company deems as damaging.

so what exactly is the problem?

and after all, if a job termination as a middle-level worker in an average company is a ruination of a life, i think life mustve been pretty good. this is not to diminish the difficulties that a person may face based on job termination- financially and mentally. however, it is a common situation among the general population- isnt it? many people get their jobs terminated for one reason or another. and many people find an alternative employment, and no, there is no guarantee that an employment will run in complete parallel to one's personal belief/behavior/philosophical world.  in fact, there is such thing as a professional commitment, and such commitment is accentuated because it may conflict with one's personal life (ex. dont feel liking showing up cuz you are hung-over and tired? well, this may lead to you getting fired, not because company doesnt care, but because company does not have an obligation to meet your personal requirement within the legal limit). and it was the COMPANY who made the decision to terminate his employment.

anyway. every coupla hours, im going back to the fb thread to read what people wrote for entertainment.  i do think this may be a case of schadenfreuden, but hey, im only a human... happy wknd, everyone!

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