beyonce wins, always, of course!


so there it was, 50th superbowl halftime show, with cold play, bruno mars and beyonce. and yes, YOLA (youth orchestra of los angeles).  shot with new drone cams, i thought it looked bizarre. i personally enjoyed last year's katy perry's show better, but it's probably all to do with the left shark. haha.

then the postings started. about how cold play was outshadowed by beyonce. about the weird visual effects from mashing drone feeds with wide cams. and oh. the tragedy of 'underappreciation' for classical music.

huh what?

so superstar orchestra conductor did not get same visibility as beyonce. YOLA kids did not get their own segment. but with beyonce on program, even coldplay couldnt fight her for the attention.  i wondered why is the conductor even on the side of the stage- as the drummer, heavily amped, was clearly marking beats for the kiddies?

wait, was dudamel put on the screen to 'recognize' the classical musicians?

wait, why does classical music needs verification of its own merit from a football game?

the fact that we think we 'deserve' same 'status' as pop, i think, is a symptom of our own problems; not everything needs to be 'equal' to other things.  classical music is what it is, and as a person, most joy one will experience in classical music is through personal playing and appreciation.  certain things just dont translate successfully to certain format.

for me, it's bit like... happy personal relationship.  everyone likes to talk about the 'secrets' of successful personal relationship- advice columns, church tea gossips, text flirting, swiping left or right, etc... the entertainment magazines are all about 'relationships.'  but really, there is no way to translate that into such format, from it being so personal and dear, and different EVERYTIME for EVERYONE.  so no sane persons in good solid relationships would not seek validation from comparing selves to ... i donno, some celebrity marraige/breakdown.

i find it bit bizarre to see all these 'negative' reaction to the half-time show. after all, it is a football game half-time show...

as a special interest party, i think it's never too careful to not to value life totally based on all-other-things.  same as i do not really appreciate good lattes because i am lactose-intolerant (i do appreciate the craftmanship though. i just dont want one, therefore tend to be oblivious).

and though i dont really care for beyonce, i know that in pop culture, queen bey wins. and someone will be a winner. well. till next queen comes along, anyhow.

happy count-down to the controversial oscars! haha!!

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