invisible neighbours

i live in a student-heavy tall apartment building. my neighbours come and go and i dont really know any of them. the walls are concrete thick from 1970s build and we live in quiet isolation.

but the air vent, that's how i know of my neighbours.

for about a year, there's that young couple who like rave music blaring during day time.
for about three years, there's that journalism student, who is beautiful. she has an itty bitty puppy, which used to have a good temperament till she started her co-op. long abandoned hours, the puppy now yelps through the door whenever there's someone by the elevator.
for about six months now, there's that dude who smokes pots, then orders pizza. if i see a pizza dude getting onto elevator and press 'my' floor after 10pm, i know where s/he's bringing that pizza.

for about two years now, i have a neighbour who eats lots and lots of fried eggs in veggie oil.

usually in the morning. but sometimes in late evenings as well.

i find it oddly comforting to smell that post-fried-eggs scent, once in awhile.

i also wonder how they know me. what i am to them.

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